Defense grade security for an open world. See why we chose to build Samsung devices with Knox.

Multi-layered security

Many Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables are designed with Knox platform built into their architecture. This military grade mobile security platform safeguards more than 1 billion Samsung consumer and business devices.

Offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats. Explore each of these layers below.

Container Management framework SE for Android Runtime protection & encryption TrustZone architecture Hardware Root of Trust

Security Enhancements(SE) for Android

Knox protects applications and data by strictly defining what each process is allowed to do and what data it can access. This allows Knox to separate, encrypt, and protect enterprise data within a managed container.

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Periodic Kernel Measurement & Real-time Kernel Protection work to constantly inspect the core software of the OS, the kernel. These checks ensure that requests to bypass device security are blocked and sensitive data is protected.

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The Knox platform leverages a processor architecture in which highly sensitive computations are isolated from the rest of the device’s operations, protecting enterprise data.

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To prevent security measures from being bypassed or compromised, Knox uses Boot-time Protections backed by Hardware Root of Trust to verify integrity of the device during the boot process.

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Privacy for your Samsung device

Data encryption: All data is securely encrypted by default, using a government-certified encryption module. In the event of device theft or loss, anyone who picks up your phone won’t be able to see what’s on it.

Data isolation: Your personal data can be completely isolated in a secure place on device. This way, you can make sure to keep your sensitive privacy away from others.

Your data is always safe

Samsung devices are always running in a hardware-backed trusted environment. They’re designed to block any attempts at tampering, from boot-up, runtime, and even when powered off.

Personal data on Samsung devices is protected from mobile threats such as ransomware, malware, and unauthorized rooting, even while you’re using your device.

Secure Folder
Samsung Pay
Samsung Health
Samsung Pass

For businesses

Knox IT solutions

For businesses and organizations looking for advanced security, customization and management features to allow device users to customize, deploy, and manage devices in their mobile ecosystem.

Knox configure
Knox mobile enrollment
Samsung Knox Manage
Knox platform for enterprise
Samsung e-fota
Knox platform 3.2 received 27 of 30
ratings in Gartner report*

Across Samsung devices

Many Samsung phones, tablets and wearables are secured by Knox, and runs on both Android and Tizen operating systems.

Beyond mobile

The Samsung Knox ecosystem continues to grow and is expanding to smart televisions, smart appliances, and other IoT and 5G devices. Knox technology secures these connected devices and appliances by implementing a hardware-backed security architecture that protects your device from the minute it’s turned on.

Look for Samsung products marked with “Secured by Knox” for market-proven advanced security.

secured by knox
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